Volkswagen Group Polska attracts automotive and technology enthusiasts and experts in many other fields. We build our competitive advantage not only by the best products- our cars, but also by employing the best professionals and by always taking care of their career and personal development.

The culture of our organization grows out of the riches of diversity of the six brands of our concern Volkswagen AG and the experience of all supporting departments. We are the best because we learn from one another, mutually motivate ourselves to action and set new and more ambitious goals.

Join us! Volkswagen Group Polska provides great opportunities for self-development, stability of employment and prestige of working in the world’s leading automotive corporation


Assessment Centre Session

After the selection of applications, the candidates fulfilling the requirements participate in the further recruitment process. The AC session may be the first or the second phase in this process. The most frequent tasks during the AC session are as follows:

Competency tasks – tasks consisting in group work, checking soft competences, such as cooperation, communicativeness, problem solving and other tasks included in Volkswagen Group Polska Competency Model.

Tasks checking subject matter knowledge – verifying knowledge of industry/area related to a specific position.

Language tests – most frequently English which is the main business language of the Group. In the case of some positions, we also verify the knowledge of German.

Cognitive ability tests – tests checking analytical abilities, logical thinking, deduction capabilities.

Tests and tasks concerning MS Office suite – most frequently, the verification includes the skills to operate MS Excel and MS Power Point.



The interview phase is a phase that takes place after the selection of applications or after the Assessment Centre session, depending on a position.

An interview is conducted by an HR Business Partner from the HR Department and a future line manager of a candidate.

The interview is a phase during which competences, motivation and attitude of a candidate are verified, and information on professional experience are deepened.

The meeting may also feature a conversation in a foreign language.

In the case of most positions, the final phase of recruitment is an individual discussion with a higher level superior and an HR Department representative.

Candidate selection

After the completion of the Assessment Centre session and interviews, we choose a candidate most suited to the requirements of a given position. The candidate is notified about the selection by telephone or personally.


The candidates who have not been selected for a given position are notified by email or telephone about the completion of the recruitment process. With the consent of the candidates who demonstrated a high level of measured competences, we include their applications in the future recruitment processes for a similar position profile.

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