Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy, constitutes a supplement to the Privacy Policy in the extent it refers to use of cookie files and other internet technologies
(Applicable as of 25.05.2018 r.)

 I. Introduction; contact details

This Cookie Policy applies to use of “cookies”, pixels (pixel codes) as well as other internet technologies and processing of collected personal data, applied on website, further referred to “Website” or “internet page”. The website operator for said Website is Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o (VGP).

Within this Policy you will find information about:

  • Internet technologies applied in the Website,
  • The personal data processed,
  • How and for what purpose do we use and process the personal data,
  • Where and to who do we transfer the data.

Data processor for the personal data on the web page is Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44, registered in the Commercial Registry of the Poznań District Court – Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Department, under the KRS number: 0000327143, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 782-24-63-563, REGON statistical number: 301062169 (VGP).

Address: Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44



VGP Data Protection Officer Contact Details:


Address: Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44, Attn.: „DPO”.


II. Cookies and applicable internet technologies

1.    Cookies

Cookie files („cookies”) are digital information, specifically text files, which are stored on the Website User’s device (i.e. computer, tablet, smartphone) and their purpose is to facilitate the use of the Website. 

Cookies are not harmful for the Users or their devices and they do not influence the activity of said devices. Cookies do not affect configuration setup within the User’s devices or the software installed on the devices.

2.    Types of cookies

Website uses two different types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which may be stored on User’s device until logging out, leaving the web site or closing the application (web browser). Cookie files stored on the User’s device for a period determined by the cookie files parameters – this may be limited to duration of session or for a determined period, or until removed by the User.

The following types of cookies are used within the Website:

  • „necessary” cookie files, allowing the use of services offered via the Website, e.g. authorization cookies used for services requiring authorization within the Website;
  • cookie files used for security purposes, e.g. used to detect fraudulent attempts to authenticate within the Website; 
  • “efficiency” cookie files, allowing collection of data related to the manner a web page is used;
  • „functional” cookie files, allowing the User to save specific settings related to personalization of interface e.g. User’s chosen language or region, font size, web page design etc.

Cookies may remain on your device for different amounts of time – it may be limited to duration of a particular session or may be placed for a determined period, or until it is deleted by the User.

3.    IP address

IP address is a unique number attributed to a specific computer or a similar device communicating over internet protocol.

III. Scope of collected data

Cookies allow identification of a computer and web browser used to view web pages – allowing inter alia to determine if a specific device was previously used to display the web page. Cookies usually contain the name of the web page of origin, time of retention on the device as well as a unique number.  

Webpage may process data related to the manner the page is used by a computer, tablet, smartphone or other similar device used to access the internet page.

By using applied internet technologies we can process data related among other to:

  • Identification of the device, device model, unique identification numbers, MAC address, IP address, operating system version and device settings;
  • Log the use time of Website, search related data and all data contained within cookie files which are used to identify the web browser or User’s account;
  • Other data related to use of the Website which may be processed if you visit of use our internet pages.

IV. Legal basis and purpose of using the internet technologies

Using cookies or similar technologies on our web page takes place with User’s consent provided on the basis of using the page without changing the browser’s setting, in order to provide analytical, statistical data used to adjust page for individual User’s needs. By virtue of staying on the Website, the User consents to cookies or similar technologies will be placed on the User’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and for using information contained in cookie filed by VGP. In each and every moment, User may withdraw consent by changing browser settings or use additional tools allowing cookie management. Details in that respect are provided in point VI below.

By default, most web browsers accept all types of cookies. Settings in that respect can be changed within the browser, so accepting of all cookies requires consent, or consent is required accepting or rejecting certain types of cookies or all cookies are rejected by default. 

One should remember that some cookie files are necessary for proper functioning of web pages, and deletion or turning them off can reduce the pages functionality.

Cookies or other technologies are used automatically, which does not mean that our web pages use them to achieve automatic decision making or have similar legal effect that could adversely affect User’s interests or privacy.

We use the applied internet technologies to:

  • Adjust internet pages content to User’s preferences and optimise the use of web pages; in particular cookie files allow to identify User’s device and properly display the web page adjusted to User’s particular needs;
  • provide security and reliability required by the Website;
  • analyse and create statistical data allowing us to understand our User’s pattern of using the web pages, allowing improvements to be made to the pages structure and content;
  • maintaining the User’s session by saving information about the Users’ use of the page. This may relate to the most often viewed pages or potential notices about errors displayed on specific pages. Cookie files used to save sessions allow improvements to be made to services and improve the comfort of using the pages.

 V. Functionalities and technologies belonging to third party partners

We inform that our internet pages use Google Analytics services. Tools provided by Google Analytics collect anonymous data about User’s visit on the Website, as well as subpages visited, time spent on the Website and transfers between pages in order to generate anonymous statistics related to internet page’s functioning and allowing an analysis of the user activity on the internet page. In order to do so, cookies provided by Google LLC and related to Google Analytics service are used.

Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

As some data collected using cookies provided by our third party providers, may be transferred outside the territory of the European Economic Area. Simultaneously we indicate that Google LLC has the EU-US-Privacy Shield certificate. By means of an agreement between the US and EU, European Commission confirmed the applicable standard of data protection for enterprises holding the Privacy Shield certificate. 

VI. Withdrawing consent for cookies

Cookie files may be deleted by the User after being saved by the Data Processor, by using appropriate browser functionalities or by a third party application designed for that purpose.

Website Users are allowed to withdraw their consent and change at any time their cookie settings.In particular, the settings may be changed to prevent automatic acceptance of cookies or ensure that the user is notified each time cookies are to be added to the website user’s device. Detailed information about the various modes of cookie handling is available in the browser settings window.

In the effect of having the cookie settings altered, a cookie opt-out file shall be placed within your browser. The sole purpose of the opt-out cookie is to identify your objection to use of cookies. One should remember that the cookie – opt out works only within the browser for which it was generated. If you delete all cookie files, start using a different browser or a different device – the opt out change of settings will need to be made again.

Mobile systems offer a number of different web browsers. Specific information about the types of settings related to cookie files can be found in menu settings of the applicable browser. Information about changing the settings of each browser can be found in description of functionalities of browser or may be available via contact with the browser’s developer on accessing information about turning off and deleting cookie files. 

Information on how to alter the configuration related to cookie files in web browsers can be found here:

  • Internet Explorer™ browser

  • Mozilla Firefox ™ browser

  • Chrome™ browser

  • Opera ™ browser

  • Safari™ browser

Information about configuring cookie files on mobile devices may be found on web pages of developers and suppliers of most popular mobile devices iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry devices).

User may change settings related to particular cookies used by our third party providers:

Google Opt-out

For blocking Google Analytics – please visit

Additional information

For more information about cookies and other tracking technologies and ways of turning them off, please visit

Volkswagen Group Polska Sp. z o.o. informs that restricting the use of cookies may influence the ability to use certain functionalities on the Website.

The contents of the Privacy Policy can be found here.