I. Introduction; contact details
II. Provisions on the protection of personal data
III. Principles for processing your personal data
IV. User rights on the processing of personal data
V. Personal Data Security
VI. How we process your personal data?
VII. Consent – withdrawal of consent
VIII. Data Storage
IX.Personal data joint control, data recipients and disclosure of data to other entities
X.Processing of data outside European Economic Area
XI.Processing of data with use of cookies and other internet technologies
XII. Changes to the Policy
XIII. Price lists

I. Introduction; contact details

This Privacy Policy contains general information on the use (processing) by Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. (”VGP”, ”we”, ”us”) of personal data of persons visiting VGP’s websites or using services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) provided via VGP operated brand websites: Volkswagen, Volkswagen Used Cars, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Das Welt Auto.

VGP’s main website at: may also be used to collect prospective employee’s personal data on behalf of VGP.

We respect privacy of our Users, therefore, we provide this Privacy Policy, so that each User knows to what extent his/her personal data is processed, including how he/she could independently, consciously and freely decide whether or not to use our services.

Within this Privacy Policy we lay down the general terms and conditions for process and scope of Users’ personal data collection, purposes for which we use the data, entities which are provided with the data and the security measures undertaken to protect the data. User’s rights under applicable provisions related to personal data protection are also described within this Privacy Policy document.

The Policy is of a general nature and it focuses only on selected issues related to processing of personal data. Particulars of this Policy are individual privacy and cookie policies or website terms and conditions for above mentioned brands operated by VGP and information clauses that the User will receive when his/her personal data are collected in connection with individual services, subscription (newsletter), contact forms (booking a test drive, contact request, quote request), vehicle configuration tools, competitions, promotional campaigns, events, car reservation, etc. Detailed information regarding processing of personal data will receive also any employee candidate while filing an application via VGP website.

Additional information regarding processing of personal data is provided also in contract documentation or informational clauses handed our clients e.g. while contacted with Authorised Car Dealer or Partner Car Service facility because of car order, car facility use, test drive performance, participating in our events, etc.

Information about cookie files used on can be found here.

To the extent cookie files or other data tracking technologies are applied on official brand websites, more information about the manner of application is provided within respective cookie policies provided on such sites.

Controller – VGP Contact Details:

Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44, registered in the Commercial Registry of the Poznań District Court – Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Department, under the KRS number: 0000327143, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 782-24-63-563, REGON statistical number: 301062169 (VGP).

Address: Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44



VGP Data Protection Officer Contact Details:


Address: Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o. Poznań (61-037), ul. Krańcowa 44, Attn.: „DPO”.

More information regarding Users' personal data joint control is provided in point IX. below.

II. Provisions on the protection of personal data

VGP Privacy Policy refers to the following provisions on the protection of personal data:

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) ((OJ No L 119, p. 1) – also known as the “GDPR”
  • Act of 10 May 2018 – personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000)
  • Act of 16 July 2004 – Telecommunication law (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1907 with subsequent amendments)
  • Act of 18 July 2002 – on provision of digital services (Journal of Laws 2017, item 1219 with subsequent amendments) 

III. Principles for processing your personal data

We appreciate the trust and confidence of the Users. When processing User’s personal data, we consider our priority that these data are processed safely, fairly, lawfully and in a manner transparent to the User.

The most important principles we follow are presented below:

  • We collect personal data only to the minimum extent necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected.
  • The purposes of collecting Users’ personal data are clearly specified and legitimate – we do not process data in a way incompatible with those purposes.
  • We keep Users’ personal data accurate and up to date, and we promptly respond to any requests for data rectification or update.
  • We implement Users’ right to access their personal data and correct them.
  • We also implement Users’ rights to have their personal data erased, withdraw consent, restrict processing, transfer data and object to data the processing of, as well as the right not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated processing, including profiling.
  • We limit personal data storage in accordance with the law to what is directly relevant and necessary for the purposes for which such data have been collected, unless there occur circumstances that extend the lawful data storage period.
  • If personal data are shared with other entities, it is done in a safe and contractually secured manner, in accordance with the applicable law.

IV. User rights in relation to processing of personal data

VGP implements Users' rights related to the processing of their personal data. These rights arise from the applicable legal provisions regarding personal data, in particular the GDPR (Articles 16-21).

Each User enjoys the following rights:

  • Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, if the user’s consent is the legal basis for having the data processes  (see point VII below) as refers to the use of cookie files please refer to the applicable Cookie Policy.
  • Right to information on what manner VGP processes Users’ personal data.
  • Right to access to data: i.e. the right to receive from VGP a confirmation that the User’s personal data are processed by VGP and an information about the mode of processing.
  • Right to rectification of outdated or inaccurate personal data, and the right to have incomplete data completed.
  • Right to object to the personal data processing, if we process personal data on the grounds of our legitimate interest (i.e., for analytical, statistical, evidential, archiving purposes), then in the event of the User’s objection, we will have to cease processing of his/her data unless we demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing, which objectively should take precedence over the User’s request, or we rely on the defence of our claims (e.g. for evidence purposes or in need of determining, pressing or defence against claims (evidence purposes or court proceedings pressed by/against VGP). The right to object also applies if the processing concerns direct marketing, including profiling (irrespective of whether the legal basis for processing is consent or our legitimate interest) - in such a case the processing of personal data for this purpose must be immediately discontinued; as refers to the use of cookie files please refer to the applicable Cookie Policy).
  • Right to not be subjected to decision based on automated processing of personal data, including profiling, and causing legal consequences towards person or substantially influences him/her in a suchlike manner (unless abovementioned decision is permitted by law, necessary to perform a contract or based upon User’s clear consent; in the last two cases such person is entitled to present his/her opinion and contest such decision).
  • Right to erasure personal data by VGP (”right to be forgotten”) consisting essentially in requesting the data controller to erase the User’s personal data without undue delay; in accordance with article 17 GDPR there are exceptions to this right (in particular where it refers to determining, pressing or defence against claims).
  • Right to restriction of processing, which in practical terms may consist in temporarily blocking access to the User’s data or transferring data to another system.
  • Right to data portability: i.e. the right to receive a copy of personal data the User provided to VGP if the processing is based on the User’s consent or a contract, and carried out in an automated way.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority: the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

All requests concerning personal data processing, including the Users’ rights, can be sent by e-mail to the following address:, or in writing to the address of Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o., ul. Krańcowa 44, 61-037 Poznań. Users may also contact our Data Protection Officer in writing to the address of Volkswagen Group Polska sp. z o.o., ul. Krańcowa 44, 61-037 Poznań, Attn.: „DPO” or by

Additionally, in the event of personal data joint control by VGP and Authorized Car Dealer or Authorized Service Partner specified in point IX. below, Users may implement their rights towards each joint controller.

In the event of personal data joint control performed altogether with Headquarters of the given brand, Users may submit requests via VGP (contact details – see above).

More information concerning personal data joint control provides our Data Protection Officer via e-mail:

Your requests shall be met without undue delay and in any event not later than one month from the date of receipt. This deadline may be extended due to the complexity or substantial number of request, for subsequent two months, of which VGP will inform about the User. However, until the request is processed, the User may receive from VGP information that have been declined due to the withdrawal of consent.

To the extent the User addresses VGP with requests, we ask you to provide us with your name, surname, and contact data (telephone number, email, and in case of written communication: also residence address). In case requests refer to use of websites, we ask you to provide us with the applicable web address or information about web service provided via our websites as well as any additional explanations related to the submitted request (in order to ensure smoother response to the request). In order to successfully process particular requests we may also require the User’s identity verification.

V. Personal Data Security

VGP takes technical and organisational security measures to protect personal data against unlawful or unauthorized access or use, as well as against accidental loss, destruction or damage to their integrity. The principle of ensuring security guided us while designing IT infrastructure, designing standards and business practice. Our security procedures include in particular: access security, backup system, monitoring, review and maintenance, management of security incidents.

In order to secure personal data processed, we undertake to take into account:

  • confidentiality – we will protect data against accidental disclosure to third parties,
  • integrity – we will protect data against unauthorized modification,
  • availability – we will provide authorized persons access to your data when needed.

Your personal data will only be processed by a third parties if such a party agrees to provide appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data processing, as well as to ensure confidentiality of such data. Each VGP employee who has access to personal data is granted an appropriate authorization and is required to maintain confidentiality.

Personal data provided to VGP via our websites is encrypted and protected by using SSL certificate.

VI. How we process your personal data?

For what purpose and on what legal grounds we process Users’ personal data?

VGP will only process your Personal Data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. We will not process your personal data in a way that is incompatible with those purposes.

VGP informs the User about the purpose and legal basis of personal data processing each time in a separate message.

The chief basis for having your personal data processed by VGP may be:

  • Consent –(according to Article 6.1.a GDPR) for one or may defined purposes (e.g. for receiving commercial or marketing data, receiving newsletter, providing marketing information related information). The consent may be expressed by User’s direct action (e.g. disclosure of data and sending form) or by checking in a checkbox.  

In any case User may withdraw his/her consent in a manner specified in the information about processing of personal data and provided in point VII below.

Abovementioned consent represents legal basis in the event User:
- freely provides his/her personal data and files for an offer, test drive, car service, contact with Information Centre or our consultants,
- files for vehicle configuration,
- subscribes our newsletter,
- files for discount voucher,
- provides additional consent to future marketing: receiving product and service offer by the given brand, automotive accessories, product and service, including profiling for such marketing purposes as well as conducting and analysing research: customer’s satisfaction, brand, product and services interest,
- participates in events, competitions,
- participates in employment process – when provides to VGP personal data in the extent exceeding labour law framework and asks for participation in prospective employment process.

  • Execution of a contract or activities related to having a contractual relation established (e.g. in relation to services provided digitally).

Legal basis in a form of a contract or actions aiming to enter a contract takes place when:

- we implement access to our car service facilities and electronic services via Authorised Car Dealers and Partner Car Service facilities,

- user orders with priority a vehicle before it is put on the market – via our website,

- user seeks for used vehicle offered by our Authorised Car Dealer (in such case we transfer User’s personal data directly to particular Dealer).

Please note that in case of preparation and sending by the Preferred Dealer specified offer by a product, performing by Preferred Dealer or Partner Car Service facility test drive or car service, legal basis for processing of personal data into action aiming for entering a contract (according to Article 6.1.b GDPR)

  • Legitimate interest, with the exception of cases, where your interest or elementary rights and freedoms have priority over the legitimate interests (in each case defined in information clauses, e.g. evidence purposes).

We may process of personal data under our legitimate interest such as:

- handling requests different than marketing information,

- service quality research within our dealer network,

- sending invitation to survey whether you are satisfied with handling your request by our Audit Information Centre (in case of telephone contact we ask for your consent),

- audit and internal report also within our dealer network, verification of performance of Authorised Car Dealers and Partner Car Service facilities of the given brand as well as financial accounting,

- assuring that products and services performed by the given brand are provided in accordance with applicable law, standards and producer’s requirements, dealer and car service contracts as well as in order to prevent and detect malpractice,

- implementing evidential, archival and protection purposes in case of necessity determining facts, pressing or defence against claims,

- implementing analytical and statistic purposes in order to maintain quality of products and services of the given brand, improving assorting products and services to customers’ needs, general optimisation of our products, optimisation of services process, gaining knowledge about our customers, sales and market analysis, developing marketing and business strategies. In such case the result of personal data processing is collective data.

- conducting collective, anonymous statistic regarding employee candidates,

- VGP may also process Users’ personal and operational data in order to provide electronic services and their safety as well as complaint process,

- implementing Users’ rights, especially right to correctness of personal data, right to withdrawal consent and keeping Users’ requests records and evidence confirming service applied to those,

- managing sales and customer service process, developing standards of the given brand customer service, maintaining care of products’ and services’ quality, conduct a central base of customers, including prospective customers.

If any User contacts VGP as current affairs corporate client employee, including products or services of the given brand use or an offer for corporate client, personal data will be processed under legitimate interest – opportunity to maintain day-to-day contact under such business relation.

In some cases, the basis for having personal data processed may be protection of vital interests of a person or compliance with legally prescribed duties encumbering the data processor (in particular: with respect to VGP’s duties operating as a car provider). VGP may also process personal data of employee candidate within the extent specified in Labour Law provisions while conducting recruitment process because of legal responsibilities levied upon VGP as personal data controller.

To the extent cookie files or other data tracking technologies are applied on official brand websites, more information about the manner of application is provided within respective cookie policies provided on such sites. 

Data collection procedure

VGP collects personal User data upon disclosure of information via forms on our websites, customer service telephone line (Information Centre of the given brand), Authorized Dealers, Authorized Service Partners, social media - we may save information provided to us by Users willingly in writing or by direct contact with VGP and Authorized Dealers or Authorized Service Partners of each brand, as well as automatic system logs and cookie files (for more information about the Cookie Policies please refer to each brand website).

Which data can we process?

Personal data defined herein, may include different scope of identification data, depending on the category of personal data provider as well as to whether the User is already our Client or a person potentially interested in our products or services or prospective employee and purpose for data collection. If you are already our Client, beside all data submitted via form or during a telephone call with our Information Centre, we may process all your personal data collected in the past by VGP or Authorized Dealers or Authorized Service Partners of the given brand, accessible in our Central Client Database to the extent necessary to a specified purpose.

Each time we will define and process only the necessary scope of data.

Within VGP’s activity we may process such personal data such as: identification data (i.e. name, surname), contact data (i.e. telephone number, email, address of residence), VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle related information, delocalization data (if you submit your consent via specified website feature), purchase, order and complaints history, products and services specification, information submitted or disclosed while telephone call or correspondence (including social media correspondence) towards VGP or Authorized Dealer or Authorized Service Partner and in cases of entrepreneurs – business name and tax identification number (NIP), car fleet data, contact person data, recorded telephone calls to our Information Centre and online chat information. 

Within the different VGP-operated websites, VGP may collect various personal data disclosure of which, while provided voluntary, is often actually necessary for proper processing of an order or a User submitted request or question made via the web contact forms. In such case, disclosure of your personal data is voluntary, however it is also necessary for proper provision of such service (in each such case – your consent is obtained by you providing us with the data and sending us the form) . Required personal data is marked by *, usually it is name, surname, telephone number. Regardless, User may also voluntarily disclose any additional data such as e-mail address etc.

If User uses confirmation data from other social media websites (Facebook, Google+, etc.) to log in to our website, he/she consents to share his/her User data, such as name, surname, e-mail address, date and place of birth, delocalization and any other information that User regards fit.

Whether User would not submit his/her personal data via website, he/she shall contact our Information Centre via telephone or e-mail or in the office of Authorized Dealer or Authorized Service Partner. 

While using our websites we collect data upon applicable cookies policies or suchlike technology (tags, pixels). For more information see also our Cookies policy document.

While using our websites, you provide us with your personal data. If you are already our Client or we have your personal data in our Central Client Database as prospective client, we process also any data collected by our Authorized Dealers or Authorized Service Partners. Regarding entrepreneurs all data may be gained from public registers. Personal data regarding corporate client contact person may be gained also from websites.

If you would participate in VGP’s recruitment process we will process your personal data within the extent set by Labour Law provisions and – if you submit your consent – any data submitted voluntarily that exceeds abovementioned extent together with data submitted regarding any future recruitment process. Abovementioned data is collected on the basis of voluntarily submitted form via VGP’s website.

Children privacy

VGP’s websites’ forms shall be filled out only by adults. According to that, VGP does not consciously process personal data of children under 16. Consent submitted by Users are valid only for those over 16. If you are under 16 you should not disclose your personal data of any kind. If it is known to VGP that User under 16 discloses any personal data without verified parents’ consent, we will not process such data.

In relation to the User, also as part of marketing and commercial information services offered through the website, the User may be asked to consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes related to products and services of particular brand, including electronic marketing, if such a consent is to constitute the legal basis for the processing of personal data. Expressing consent may take place through taking a direct action, e.g. by means of wilful disclosure of your data and expressing a request for contact or by sending a request for information within the scope determined in the consent or by checking in specified checkbox.

In the event of processing Users’ personal data provided because of an offer, test drive, car service, User is entitled to withdraw his/her consent via Information Centre or Authorized Dealer or Authorized Service Partner of his/her choice. Lack of interest in offer, test drive or car service is deemed as consent withdrawal.

For Users and Customers, as well as Potential Customers for each of the brands, i.e. Volkswagen, Volkswagen Used Cars, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Das Welt Auto, Porsche the withdrawal of consent may happen at any time via using the applicable consent withdrawal form for each Brand (links to specific brand can be found here), or by direct contact with VGP (contact details specified in point I above) or at an Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners for each brand (contact details for Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners are available at websites of each brand) 

As for newsletter subscription, the consent may be withdrawn via newsletter deactivating link included in each email. 

In any other case, consents provided should be handled accordingly to information provided in information clauses or marketing correspondence.

Candidates applying to take up employment via, may withdraw their consent by sending an email to with an addendum “Recruitment”. Any User may withdraw his/her consent by clicking in resignation link sent by e-mail as a response to an application submitted.

As for other cases where consent for processing of personal data was granted to VGP – please refer to explanations provided in applicable information clauses.  

Withdrawal of consent does not entail any negative consequences or distress, however, you should know that its withdrawal may be associated with your inability to use such services as, for example, receiving a newsletter, receiving replies, receiving offers and advertisements, receiving invitations to events, open doors and vehicle inspections, for the provision of which we need to obtain your consent in accordance with applicable law.

Please, note that the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the withdrawal.

Your request shall be handled promptly. After completing your request we will cease to process your personal data for marketing purposes, including receiving commercial or marketing information by electronic means and via phone. However, until the request is processed, you may receive from us information that you declined by withdrawing your consent due to the time required to have the request fully processed in our systems.

If we hold User data for other purposes (e.g. contract performance, services, demonstration of evidence, exercise of legal claims), we can still process them for these purposes on a different legal basis. 

Information about cookie files used on can be found here.

To the extent installation and use of cookie files more information is provided within respective cookie policies.

To the extent cookie files or other data tracking technologies are applied on official brand websites, more information about the manner of application is provided within respective cookie policies provided on such sites. 

VIII. Data Storage

VGP stores personal data for the period necessary to achieve purposes, about which the User was informed. If it is possible we attempt to provide specified data storage period.

In the event of personal data processing based upon User’s consent, data is stored until its expiry date, but no longer than 5 years (unless shorter period was set) or until consent withdrawal.

In any case data storage period may be subject to change – up to a longer period because of legal obligation or necessity to determine legal defence or pressing claims. We may store any evidence of consent provided until the expiry of limitation period. Data storage period may also be shorter – until implementing your right to erasure personal data.

The User has the right to obtain from us information on the probable period of storage of his/her personal data. The period of storage of personal data is determined in accordance with applicable law.

IX. Personal data joint control, data recipients and disclosure of data to other entitie

Joint control

Your personal data is or will be processed by VGP and Authorized Dealer and Authorized Service Partner by your choice (Preferred Dealer and Preferred Service Partner, upon business relation) based upon joint control in order to achieve common purposes, implemented with common processes or infrastructure, including offer requests, test drive, car service, car order, car purchase, car maintenance, accessories and spare parts sales, complaint, guarantee and claims service, finance, report and audit service of dealer network, customer service, Client database development, customer service quality research. The list of Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners, contact details is provided on (website link) as well as each Dealer and Service Partner website.

Each joint controller may be engaged into processing of personal data of our Clients, prospective clients on different levels and to different extent. Each joint controller is entitled to implement their own purposes. Eventually, VGP and Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners’ purpose is sales of product and services of each brand under specified standards. Each of joint controllers is solely responsible for entities’ right implementation. Personal data of Clients and prospective clients are processed within common infrastructure (systems, platforms) as well as within independent processes or IT systems. In any case you may contact VGP or VGP’s DPO directly (for contact details see point I. above). 

To the extent future marketing consent is received together for VGP and the particular brand Headquarters we inform that VGP and abovementioned HQ are joint controllers of personal data. If you would like us to implement your rights or you would like to fill a request, claim or motion please contact VGP directly.

Data recipients

In justified cases we may disclose your personal data to other controllers (entities belonging to Volkswagen Group, including Volkswagen AG, Skoda Auto a.s., Audi AG, SEAT S.A., Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners) but only upon valid legal basis (marketing consent, contract, legitimate interest), especially to execute car order, IT service, complaint and claim service, contract performance, purpose achievement etc. Personal data may also be disclosed to entities belonging to Volkswagen Financial Services (Volkswagen Bank GmbH Sp. z o.o. Oddział w Polsce, Volkswagen Leasing GmbH sp. z o.o. Oddział w Polsce, Volkswagen Serwis Ubezpieczeniowy sp. z o.o.).

With the consent of the User, depending on the purpose of data processing and the consent for processing and disclosure, your personal data may be made available to entities indicated in the consent.

We may disclose your data to processors - companies providing services at our request, to whom we commission activities requiring data processing, in particular in the field of IT services, marketing services (including marketing agencies), market research, organization and production of events, call centre, transportation services, archive services, auditors and professional counsellors. In some cases, companies providing services at our request may become independent controllers, e.g. public and private post operators, payment transactions operators.

In justified cases your personal data may be disclosed to public authorities and courts. 

As regards the marketing purposes (i.e. providing responses to surveys regarding offered services, expressing interest in test drive or providing consent for future marketing related purposes), your personal data may be transferred to processors such as Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners of a certain VGP brand, acting at the request and on behalf of VGP (address details of Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Partners of each brand are available on official brand websites).

To the extent data transfer to our recipients under cookie use policy, more information is provided within respective cookie policies. 

We indicate that if the recipients of data collect personal data from User independently and in their own name and, for example, they offer products and services through their own channels, without VGP’s participation or will provide services on their own behalf, they are separate data controllers, and in this respect they are liable for processing of such personal data, not being subject to the terms of our Policy.

When accessing a third party website, Users may also be subject to separate privacy and personal data protection policy for such website. We kindly ask you to take your time to get acquainted with privacy policy and personal data protection policy of each website. 

XI. Processing of data outside European Economic Area

In the event processing of Users’ personal data requires transfer to data recipients based in third countries (outside European Economic Area), e.g. to the United States of America, suchlike transfer may takes place only upon decision regarding appropriate level of protection taken by the European Commission for organizations participating in Privacy Shield program or upon standard contract clauses, according to the European Commission decision or upon your clear consent.

More information regarding this matter provides our DPO.

XI. Processing of data with use of cookies and other internet technologies

In connection with the use of VGP brand websites, VGP also collects data contained in system logs, cookie files or uses other similar web technologies (e.g. codes, pixels, and plugins). 

Information about cookie files used on  can be found here.

To the extent cookie files or other data tracking technologies are applied on official brand websites, more information about the manner of application is provided within respective cookie policies provided on such sites. 

XII. Changes to the Policy

VGP reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, which may result from the necessity to comply with amendments of law or applicable privacy standards, or from the expansion of our offer. Therefore, all amendments will be communicated by VGP its websites.

XIII. Price lists

Price lists and other information included on the websites,,,,, and www.vw do not constitute a commercial offer. Due to organized promotional campaigns, it is possible to change the prices and equipment of models presented on websites and in price lists. 

Some accessories are only available in combination with other components, specific equipment or engine versions or are available only in specific countries or at a surcharge. The prices of some elements may differ from those given in this price list, depending on the equipment or engine version. Any and all binding arrangements related to equipment and vehicle specification shall be determined within individual contract executed between the parties.